studio milavec is a full service digital strategy studio



based in the washington d.c. area, we design and deploy digital experiences that integrate with physical space

How do you use digital tools in a physical space to tell an authentic story? Using digital to create eye candy is one thing. Using it to assist in delivery of narratives and compelling experiences is another. We’re exploring answers to that question in our projects. And we’re finding those answers in everything from digital totems that display real-time responsive way-finding information to screens that show branded digital video that change based on your social media activity. But we’re also looking ahead to what’s next in digital space. What happens when the screens go away? What happens when the boundaries between digital and physical vanish and you can have a seamless experience?


We collaborate with our clients at the intersection of four primary industries

Brand & Marketing

How brands engage within marketing experiences

Digital & Architecture

Digital experiences integrated into physical space



How we do it


We clarify intent and purpose

We clarify intent and purpose

Research & Insights

Digital & Content Strategy

Operational & Enterprise Feasibility


We define the design process

We define the design process

Creative Direction

Experience Design

Project Strategy



We deploy and make it happen

We deploy and make it happen



Design Documentation




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